Aelar Nightbreeze

Knight-errant of illegitimate birth.


Aelar has a build typical of a half-elf: the slender, tall frame of an elf and the more rounded ears of a human, with deep blue, sapphire-like eyes. His black hair is long and flowing, and is often braided from front-to-back, as if to create a crown, before the braids are met and continue down between his shoulder blades.

His armor and gear, despite being meticulously cared for, show the sign of years of use and hard living, and his hands are rough and calloused to match.


Aelar Nailo (Nightbreeze) was born to a proud Sky Elf noblewoman, and a less-than-proud Sky Elf nobleman. Why is the nobleman less proud? Well, Aelar a half-elf, which caused some uncomfortable feelings in the Nailo homestead.

Despite his father’s misgivings, Aelar had the opportunity to grow up in this noble house, at least for a while. Around the age of 10, however, he was sent away to join the Kind Wayfarers, an order of wandering knights, where he would learn the ways of magic and combat. He spent most of his teenage years training there before becoming a squire to Ser Rin Landren, an older human and senior member of the Order, who took Aelar on the road.

Rin did his best to teach Aelar discipline and ways to survive on the open road. Each day would begin and end the same way: Each morning, they drilled with swords, practiced cantrips, cooked breakfast, fed and cared for their horses, and broke camp. Each night, as the sun set, and the knight and his squire sat and ate before the campfire or the hearth of an inn, Aelar would chronicle their day and their quest in a great scroll of deeds, and map their progress as he continued to develop his skill as a cartographer.

By day, Aelar would carry Rin’s banner as they traveled, meeting the various folk of the world, protecting travelers, and spreading good will.

After five years of traveling, Aelar woke one morning to find the elderly knight had passed in his sleep. He buried the knight with all his belongings save three: the greatsword Traveler, the banner of the Kind Wayfarers, and the scroll of deeds which would become Aelar’s own.

In the intervening years, Aelar has traveled a not-insignificant part of the world, going as far as Iutai in his journey. He has met, mingled, and loved countless people of varying races and backgrounds. He has helped fleeing refugees and escaped slaves, and fought alongside rebels rising against local would-be tyrants.

Lately, Aelar has been traveling with the Tabaxi monk Obsidian Voice of the Mountain’s Crest, who he affectionately refers to as Sid.

He is actively seeking out other Kind Wayfarers, so he might share stories from the road and perhaps official induction to the order. While many assume him to be a proper Knight of the order, it is his secret shame that he isn’t, so he hopes to correct that soon.

Aelar Nightbreeze

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