A Continent Overspread with the Light of the Dawn Empress

THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO elves came to the world of Gaea, fleeing a great danger in the Feywild. The elf tribes were violent and fought each other, and the natives of this land. After driving out most of the humans and magical beasts, the elf kingdoms made peace with each other and eventually were united in the Celestial Empire. Today, the Celestial Empire is a superpower, with incredible wealth, technology, and magic.

However, the surrounding lands are wild and fractious, full of dangerous monsters, fierce nomads, and proud city-states. Some are maneuvering for the Empire's favor, some for the the power to fend it off. The Dawn Empress desires peace, but the elven noble houses all see opportunity for profit in these barbaric lands. In this tension, there is opportunity to rise to great power, or to be crushed by it.

Whose side are you on?

Stormspear's Pocket- An Enclave of Pre-Imperial Culture

A Little Pocket of Beyond

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